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very sad mood

Are you going through a tough period in your life? Maybe you’re anxious, depressed or you just split with your significant other? Have you been advised to journal, but don’t know where to start?

happy mood

Moodimo is a new app to overcome anxiety and depression, which can help you take stock of your emotions and help you to feel happier. It goes much further than a simple gratitude journal, offering an opportunity to think and reflect on a range of different feelings.

public advice

Choose to keep your thoughts private or announce them to the world and receive peer support from the Moodimo community.

Wellbeing Analysis

Track your feelings and let Moodimo’s behind-the-scenes wizardry make sense of the patterns behind your thoughts so you can reflect, acknowledge and move on in a healthy way. Use the app to find your triggers and recognise individual factors affecting your moods.

private advice from a psychologist

If you feel that you need a little more help, there’s also an option to connect with a psychologist - with clear, transparent reviews and pricing to give you the confidence to pick a doctor who is the right fit for you and your needs.

Key Features

  • See your moods at a glance over the past month to track highs and lows.
  • Reflect on your daily feelings to assist you in managing your moods and feeling happier.
  • Get support from like-minded individuals in the Moodimo community.
  • Easily source and connect with professional psychologists for extra and discreet support.

How Does It Work?

Sign up options

Start off by creating your unique profile to keep access to all your data.

Capturing your mood

Simply pick how you feel from a range of different emotions (e.g. upset, great), add a note and hashtags to describe your mood, and then decide if you want to make it public or keep it private.

Advice on public posts

Public moments are shared with a supportive community, who can celebrate or commiserate with you. Users can add comments and like your posts, and responses can be voted ‘up’ or ‘down’ on their helpfulness, earning karma points. The community is moderated to safeguard users.

Advice via chat from psychologist

If you choose to connect with a psychologist, they will have access to your entries and will connect with you via in-app messages.

State of mind

Track your moods. This is the really clever bit. Moodimo’s algorithms calculate your average mood and offer analysis of your diary entries. You can compare your moods with other users (is there something “in the air” that particular day?!)

Reflection on your feelings

See how you’ve been describing your moods (with a choice of timeframes). This can help you identify any triggers such as interactions with particular people, places or situations to enable you to manage your feelings better.

Sign Up For Beta

Moodimo is currently in development and will be released as a private beta to the subscribers in the coming months.

If you want to be the first to use the app for free, sign up here:

Meet the Developer

houman profile photo

Moodimo is the brainchild of Houman Khorasani, a developer who has worked for Google and latterly as a Solution Architect in pharmaceuticals to find ways to speed up clinical trials.

He has always dreamed about creating something which will make a difference to the millions of people who have issues with their mental health, offering a means of connection, solace and empowerment.